What is SEO?

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of improving the rankings of a website in a search engine.

How do search engines work?

It is this relative authority that determines which pages should be shown first when a user searches for a specific word or phrase.There are many search engines on the web, including sites such as YahooBing and Google. These engines search the Web trying to sort through the millions of pages and rank them by analysing the content on the page. This analysis creates a relative authority that measures the quantity and quality of the links pointing to the page.

How do we do SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is about convincing the search engines that a page on your website is more relevant than a page on someone else’s site. So how do we do it?

There are three steps that should always be followed:

  1. Website – making sure your website is constructed with search engines in mind as well as being user friendly.
  2. Content - optimise your website so that search engines know it is about a specific topic.
  3. External factors – such as the links to and from your site will increase the overall authority of your website.

All of these steps together will increase your relative authority and allows you to outperform your competitors.

Being Number One

The place to be on any search engine is number one. Research has shown that over 40% of users will click on the first site listed in the search results and as you move down the list less people are likely to click on your link. The research shows a very very small percentage of people will click on a site if it is list below #5 and only a fraction of a percentage will view page 2.


Why choose us?

We have been improving the visibility of our clients’ online presence since 2000 and have had consistently great results. Our success rate with clients is a result of our implementation of tried and tested solutions that harness the power of the web, converting its potential into real business for our clients across Australia and the UK.

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- Martin Hood, Brisbane City Psychologist


Want to learn how to stay on top of internet communications?

Keeping up with the latest innovations in internet communication is a full time job, but if you’re interested in grasping the basics, our friendly and professional team at matter solutions are happy to help you out.

If you are eager to learn, we can provide training for you and your team, or you can come along to one of our workshops. Don’t have time? You can focus on your duties while we get your business where you deserve to be–at the top of the search engines.

No Jargon Approach

Are you frustrated with professionals throwing around jargon and not communicating clearly? We won’t bore you with the jargon or give you the hard sell. We will:

· Look at where you are currently ranking in the search engines

· Find out which keywords are and are not working for your business

· Analyse your website, the market and your competition so we know exactly what work we need to do to get you to the top

· Show you where you are at, but most importantly, where you could be


Why should your competitors benefit from being #1? Talk to us to learn how you can outrank your competition in Google.