5 Tips for a Better Website

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Is your website failing to reach it’s full potential? Creating and maintaining a successful website is hard work. There are, however, some things you can do to make your website better without having to start from scratch.

1. Put your phone number at the top of the page

Simply having a contact page on your website isn’t enough. Page visitors need to be able to contact you quickly and easily with as little effort as possible. You should put your phone number at the top of every page on your website. This means that if a visitor is reading any of your pages, they will be able to find your contact details without having to click through to another page.

2. Easy navigation

Navigation is an important aspect of your website. Navigation is what guides visitors around your website and web pages. If a visitor can’t easily find what they are looking for they will get frustrated and leave. Make sure your menus are clear and that long pages have anchor links in a table of contents.

3. Graphics matter

Never underestimate the power of website design. Good business owners know that the way someone views and perceives your business matters. Your website should powerfully reflect your business brand. You should think about your business image and how this will translate into the design of your website. Visual elements you might like to consider include colour, layout, typography and logo design. If your branding changes, make sure you update your website. This will create brand awareness so that customers recognise your company.

4. Answer questions

People use the internet to learn and find answers. Your website content should be designed with the user in mind so that any questions they may have about your product and/or service are answered. If someone can’t find the answer to a question, they will most likely seek another page that can answer it. It is therefore important to put yourself in the customers shoes and identify the most important questions your target audience will ask.

5. Have a call to action on every page

The call to action is an important element that is crucial for transforming a visitor into a customer. If someone is reading a page on your website, they need to be told how to act. Your web page will tell a visitor why they need your product or service, and the call to action tells them how to get it. Your call to action should be a clear straightforward message that is easy for a visitor to understand. This provides the reader with an easy path to becoming a customer.